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The end.

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for joining us today. If you have enjoyed it, please register your interest here so that you are amongst the first to hear about next year’s event. Peace out Manchester.

A beautiful day

George Orwell once said that Manchester was the belly and the guts of the nation. That is what I saw today. This mighty city rose as one and collectively took on the challenge, as it has done time and time again.

What Kipchoge did yesterday was incredible. What we did today was even more special.



Was it anyone else's first time?



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First half marathon ticked off 🏃🏼‍♀️✅ #mcrhalf #manchesterhalfmarathon #wiggle

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Make mine a double

The organisers of the Manchester Half are also the organisers of April’s Manchester Marathon. Entries are closing on Tuesday, so if you think you’re up the challenge, check out the website here.

Keep sharing photos usign #MCRHalf

As more and more of you cross the line, we want to see more and more photos. Keep getting in touch!


A big thank you to our crew and volunteers

If you get an opportunity, please say thank you to our volunteers and crew. They’ve given their weekends to put on the event. Below is Cameron. He’s Scottish. On a normal day, he would be very sad right now because Scotland are losing in the rugby but today he’s happy because he gets to help out at this event for you lovely people. We need more people like Cameron.

Let us know your thoughts on the medal

What did you think of our medal? We’re very proud of it. Did you know the brail on the back says ‘MCR Half’

A Smouldering PB


There's a party in my hangout and you're invited

It’s really going off in the hangout. Mark the DJ is playing some proverbial BANGERS.

You can pick up a hotdog or a burger to accompany your ERDINGER Alkofrei. You can also pick up a very swanky official event t-shirt. This kind of atmosphere makes me feel ok about missing out on Glastonbury tickets (not good, but ok).

Can I make a request Mark?

Did you sneak under?

Were you able to sneak under 2 hours?

There are plenty of ways to remember your achievement today and what better than photos. The team from AWOL have had dozens of photographers dotted around the course today, capturing your incredible achievement. You’ll be able to see your pictures early next week.

We're very happy with you too Michael!


Check out our merchandise

We have some limited edition merchandise available. You can check out t-shirts, mugs and hooded tops at the stand in the hangout. I for one think the t-shirts are very fetching. I might even go and purchase one myself.

An incredible cause

A huge thank you to everybody who been raising crucial funds for charity today.

Including our official charities Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK, The Christie and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Over £800,000 is expected to be raised in total

Keep getting in touch using #MCRHalf

Awesome stuff from Chris!

Results are available here

You can see your live timing updates here.


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#mcrhalf 1st place V50 😃 @lancashirerunner

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If anybody sees Jim's legs, please take them to the info tent


Sign up for 2020!

We’ll be back with the next Manchester Half on Sunday 11th October in 2020!

We’re partnering with the charity Tommy’s, who do lots of incredible work in Manchester. If you’d like to support them you can sign up TODAY, with the other public places released on Tuesday at 10am.


Head over to Shock Absorber 🍈🍈

Shock Absorber are offering a free bra fitting service and discounted products at their tent in the hangout. Can you “Guess the bounce reduction” as well?

I won’t be posting a photo of this. I might get in trouble.

Oooooooooh shiny

A shiny medal awaits all our finishers today. It’s one of our favourites…

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The pleasure and the pain. . . #mcrhalf #manchesterhalf

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So many smiles

A lot of runners starting to cross the line now. Our prize giving ceremony will be taking place at 11:30 today right here. So if you’d like to celebrate alongside some the UK’s top athletes, please do head to the main stage in the Hangout

Hurry up John

A little bit of drizzle isn’t stopping John’s support team having fun as they wait for him to cross the line….


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We’re here At the finish line waiting to cheer John over the line xxx #running #run #mcrhalf #manchesterhalf #manchesterwiggle

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DJ Mark in the house

After successfully seeing off our starters earlier with banging Mancunian tunes, DJ Mark will be returning to play a set in the Hangout shortly…

Finish line camera LIVE!

Our finish line camera will be live for the next couple of hours capturing all who cross the line. So whether you’re waiting for an elite, or Auntie Barbara who’s walking most of it, you can watch by clicking the link at the top of this page

Hello Chorlton!

A big welcome to Chrolton, which features on the Wiggle Manchester Half route for the first time!

Lily Partridge wins female race

Back of the net! Lily Partridge takes the female crown. Also, is the guy from Wiggle trying to copy her winning pose?

Ice bath anyone?

Fancy video ✅

Who's out on the course?!

Support makes all the difference!

We have our male winner!

Congratulations to Ben Connor! He finishes in 1:03:11

First finisher crosses the line

Our lead wheel chair athletes have now crossed the finish line meaning that our live stream will now follow the lead runner!

Lead wheelchair approaches finish line

It’s not long until our lead wheelchair participant crosses the finish line. How tough are these guys?! Keep sharing your experiences today using #MCRHalf

I've been to this restaurant. It's incredible!

Fazenda, Manchester. Brilliant.

In fact, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat after your run, we’ve got you covered here.



Ole's at the wheel!

My friend Pete will be the man on the moto filming the stream today. Let’s hope he doesn’t have too much difficulty driving in this weather! I’m just glad Ole’s not at the wheel to be honest.

On the subject of football, here’s a throwback to when Chris Smalling tweeted us last year. Grazie Chris.


Where's Wally?

With over 15000 people signed up today, it might be tough to spot your friends and family out on the route.


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Spotted!! #mcrhalf

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Not everyone has started yet, but you might already be thinking about the finish!


Welcome to the page...

If you’re new to this page, you’ll find the live finish line video above and you can see updates from around the course and we’ll be sharing the best of your social posts.

You can see runners split times as they cross one of our various timing points on the route here.

I actually love you Manchester

It is Manchester in October tbf ☔

WE ARE OFF! One city. One moment. Let’s go.

Follow the live feed

The live stream is now live. You can watch it above. Where are you watching from today, let us know using the hashtag #MCRHALF.

I think Manchester is ready...


Manchester are you ready! For a city themed around bees, there is a notable buzz in the air. Thousands of the excited runners and now primed and ready. Good luck all, see you on the other side.

Thank you to our Wiggle Pacers ❤

Thank you to our amazing Wiggle pacers who will be helping hundreds of people achieve their target finish time today. Please make sure, if you see them out and about today, just say thanks ❤

A calm appreciation settles over the event village

Pre-match nerves for both participants and organisers now.

Only 12 minutes until the first start. Let’s all take a moment to be present and have a calm appreciation of where we are and what we have all achieved today. If everyone completes the full distance today we’ll have run circa 200 000 collective miles. That’s more than 8 times round the earth!

Islands in the Finish Line Stream

It’s now less than 20 mins until the first start of the day. Who’s excited? If you aren’t able to be at the event today, we’ll have a live stream of the event from just before 9am on this very page.

This stream will follow the lead wheelchair and runners before darting to the finish where it will remain for the rest of the race.

It might be a bit wet

From my window in Trafford Town Hall, it looks like it’s starting to drizzle. If possible, get someone to have a coat ready for you when you cross the line. After that, you can pick up a hot drink in the hangout.



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Soaked before the start ✅ Only in Manchester ☔️🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏼 #mcrhalf #backtothestompingground #sundayrunday

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Everyday hero!


An important notice before your run 🚽

On a slightly less glamorous note, there are toilets are located on Brian Statham Way & Warwick Road. If you would like to re-enter you need to come back through the main entrance off Brian Statham Way. Some of you may need them today.

A city of runners

In 2019 we also ran a monthly ballot that enable up to 25 people enter the event for just £1! This is just one of the many things we are doing to help break down barriers that might be in place to enter an event like this, and to help as many people as possible enjoying running.

The first wave of the day...

This event prides itself on inclusivity. It is for everyone and anyone. Every year we strive to find ways of making this way more inclusive and accessible. The first way of the day today will be the elite wheelchair participants. This year we have 15 people signed up to take part, a number that has risen from 3 in 2017.

What are your goals today?


Let us know #MCRHalf

Today is all about you. Running can be a very personal experience. If you’d like your experience with us, we’d love to hear about it. All you need to do is use #MCRHalf. Here are some things we’d like to hear about:

  • Your journey to the event
  • The training you have been doing
  • Your last thoughts before you take to the start line
  • Whatever else comes to your mind!

No human is limited

Yesterday Ellliot Kipchoge became the first human in history to run a marathon in under two hours.

What an achievement –  the kind that inspires others to take up running and challenge their own perceived limitations.

Many of you will achieve things today that this time last year, you might have thought were impossible.

You have done the training. Now it’s time to deliver the goods.

Determination, dedication, self discipline and effort.

Jessie Owens once said that in order to make your dreams a reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline and effort. In the months of training leading up to today, many of you have demonstrated such qualities. Many of you have dreamt of crossing the finish line today. Many of you have raised thousands of pounds for charity to help make other people’s dreams a reality. This is Manchester. This is the Wiggle Manchester Half.