Our Official Training App Partner

We want you to get the most out of your training and enjoy the process leading up to your epic 13.1 mile challenge which is why we have partnered with the amazing team at Runna.

Runna provides training plans that are customised to you. Bespoke training tailored to your specific needs will allow you to reach your goals, whether you just want to finish the Half or beat your PB – Runna has you covered. For all of our amazing Manchester Half participants, Runna is offering TWO WEEKS FREE when you sign up using the code ‘MANCHESTERHALF



Reasons we love the Runna App

  1. It really is customised to you!:  Every plan is automatically built around your schedule, goals and ability. You can easily move sessions around to fit any changes in your schedule.
  2. Access to a real life coach: The app is brilliant at explaining all things run training, but if you need a bit more help; you’ve got 24/7 access to a real life Runna coach to help you along the way.
  3. Injury Prevention: Achieve injury-free fitness through tailored strength & conditioning and yoga programmes that are built into your weekly training plan.
  4. Wearable & App Connectivity: Runna’s plans update as you sync your activities from your wearable device or enter them into the app. Additionally, if you do not have a wearable or tracking app you can track your activity in the app itself.


How to redeem your 2 weeks free of Runna

  1. Download the app:  Head to the App Store or Google Play Store – or simply click here
  2. Sign up to Runna: Once the app has downloaded enter your details and create a password (or sign up with Apple, Google or Facebook)
  3. Enter the referral code: Pop the code MANCHESTERHALF into the relevant box, hit ‘Verify’ and then ‘Get Strated’.
  4. Choose your goal: As you will be training for the Half, simply type in ‘Manchester Half Marathon’ and select us.
  5. Set up your plan: Following the ‘Race Selection’ screen you’ll be asked to fill out details about your current abilities.
  6. Hit the roads: Once you’ve filled out your running details you can start your plan

Download the PDF guide here