Trafford Active Fund

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Trafford Active Fund Supported by Human Race

The ability to stage some of the world’s biggest sports events has brought local and international recognition that Trafford is one of the best sport and leisure destinations in the world.

With top class facilities, professional clubs and fantastic mass participation events, Human Race and Trafford Council are working to harness and develop the many benefits that sport and physical activity can bring to local communities in Trafford.

The Trafford Active Fund, supported by Human Race is delivered in partnership with the Manchester Marathon and the Manchester Half Marathon and aims to build a long-lasting sport and physical activity legacy within Trafford , by getting residents more active, more often.

In addition to helping aspiring athletes achieve their sporting dreams, the fund will also look to help establish sustainable projects to combat inactivity in the borough.

The fund receives £1 from each entry into the two running events with the hope that recipients will one day be inspired to cross the finishing line on Talbot Road.

Grants will be awarded twice a year at the Manchester Marathon (April) and the Manchester Half Marathon (October). The criteria for the funds and details of the application process can be found at the bottom of the page.

Aspiring and Talented Athletes

Giving aspiring athletes the opportunity to develop further is a key aim; from those just starting out to those who may already competing, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Funding is available to help promising and talented athletes who live in Trafford to realise their potential and progress in their chosen sport.

The fund could help them by supporting additional coaching, providing better quality equipment or helping towards travel costs.

To see how the fund is having an impact, check out our athletes here.

Increasing activity

Supporting organisations to encourage and enable more people to become involved in physical activity, sport and/or play, particularly those who are currently physically inactive, is key to the Trafford Active Fund.

Funding will be available to help projects which are already taking place in the community, with the aim of helping them to become sustainable and raise activity levels within the borough.

Trafford Sports Awards

The Trafford Active Fund is proud to sponsor the Trafford Sports Awards, providing prizes for those judged to be doing great things for sport in the borough.

Guidelines for Funding Allocation

• Applicants cannot apply for the fund twice within a 12-month time period
• Clubs or applicants from the same club cannot be allocated more than £2500 in total.
• All previous funding must be declared on application forms.
• Those successful must fill out monitoring forms to ensure they have used the funding for the reasons stated on their form.
• Applicants must inform the fund if any of the details on their application form change.
• Applicants profiles can be used for promotional purposes if successful.
• Applicants will be asked to attend events to promote the use of the Trafford Active Fund.
• Group recipients may be asked to put on taster events with the aim of increasing physical activity in the local area.