Who are Tommy’s?

Tommy's believe that every baby lost is one too many. Tommy's does pioneering research into the causes and prevention of baby loss, and provides expert information to make pregnancy safer for everyone.


1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss during pregnancy or birth.

Tommy’s is a national charity that works tirelessly to reduce the UK’s unacceptable rates of pregnancy loss.

Tommy’s fund pioneering medical research to discover the causes of baby loss and helps women at every state of their pregnancy journeys, supporting them and their partners with expert information and care.

Tommy’s wants to make pregnancy safer for all and ensure that excellent pregnancy information and support is available for every family, every baby, everywhere.



6 weeks after my baby died, I was involved in an art therapy workshop at the Tommy’s clinic in Manchester. I met the wonderful research midwives from the Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic. In my darkest hours, they were there for me. They listened to me and they answered any questions that I had. I felt like they made a conscious effort to go into detail about why it wasn’t my fault. They explained with facts, rather than just trying to make me feel better.

They educated me on so much that I wasn’t aware of. I really began to believe that whatever happened to my baby wasn’t my fault. They also made me see how much they truly care and want to make a different to reduce stillbirth rates and I felt inspired to help in any way I could. I truly believe that with the research Tommy’s do in Manchester, women will begin to find the answers they deserve.


The Manchester clinic is amazing; everyone is so compassionate. They really understand how to look after families who have lost babies. Something as simple as asking our first son’s name, then referring to him by it.

They also understand that scans are terrifying after loss, so immediately tell you there’s a heartbeat. These small things come from a real understanding of the emotional consequences of baby loss. I carried on seeing them until I was 32 weeks, it was a long trip from London to Manchester, but we loved going there and felt safe with them. I’ve been a doctor for 20 years and Professor Heazell is one of the most compassionate doctors I’ve ever met both professionally and personally. He goes above and beyond for his patients; he really cares.

The Tommy’s team at St Mary’s have given us the most amazing gift, we’ll never be able to thank them enough.

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To find out more about Tommy’s work, please visit www.tommys.org.