Where to Meet Your Loved One After the #MCRHalf

Reuniting with your loved one after the event is a special moment. Your loved one is likely to be experiencing a lot of feelings after the event – from pride and runner’s high, to feeling emotional, tired (ok, knackered…) and of course, HUNGRY.

We have suggested our Top 6 Repatriation Locations to meet up with your loved one below. Whether you want to continue the post-half high in a buzzing bar or café, 0r get some breathing space in a local park, there are options for every group.*

*We strongly suggest these locations away from the finish line, as it will be exceptionally busy with restrictions, which will not guarantee you a place along the finish line.

(note: the approximate walk / journey time stated is from Trafford Town Hall in the Event Village area).

The Federal brunch spot in Deansgate.

1. Deansgate 

Journey time: approximately 15 minutes

Directions: walk to Old Trafford station an take a short trip on the Purple/Green Tram line

Meet your runner in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant soul – Deansgate! This trendy area is abuzz with cafes serving up artisanal coffee; award-winning restaurants dishing up global flavours; and classic pubs full of friendly locals.

2. Chorlton 

Journey time: approximately 20 minutes

Directions: walk to Trafford Bar station and take a short tram journey on the Pink Line / Navy Line to Chorlton

This quirky south Manchester suburb has a slightly more chilled out feel than the city centre, but once you come here once, you’ll sure come back again soon. Chorlton is known for is known for its organic delis; independent bars and restaurants; and wholesome community spirit.

Chorlton High Street.

3. City Centre 

Journey time: approximately 18 minutes

Directions: walk to Old Trafford tram station and take a short trip on the Purple Line / Green Tram Line to St Peter’s Square.

Manchester City Centre is a cultural hub, where you can stroll past art galleries, museums and the Central Library. There are of course plenty of food and drink options here, for quick bites and longer lunches.

4. MUFC Café 

Journey time: approximately 13 minutes

Directions: walk to Old Trafford tram station and take a short trip on the Purple Line / Green Tram Line to St Peter’s Square.

Whether or not you’re a Manchester United supporter, the Red Cafe at Old Trafford Stadium is a well-loved and convenient meet-up spot which is close to the finish line. The Red Cafe has a casual feel and is well-reviewed for its large, tasty portions, offering options for everyone (even the fussy ones!)

MUFU Café at Old Trafford.

5. Gorse Hill Park 

For those who prefer fresh air, Gorse Hill Park offers a respite from the bustle of the city centre. If the weather is on the up, why not bring a picnic and, if you have children, let them blow off some steam with a kick about?

Journey time: approximately a 15 minute walk

6. White City Retail Park 

Close by to the world famous Old Trafford, White City Retail Park is a convenient place to meet up, with unfussy food options such as Nando’s, Costa and KFC. You could opt to meet with your loved one here, and then hop to another part of the city.

Journey time: approximately a 6 minute walk