At Human Race (owners of Manchester Half Marathon), we work tirelessly behind the scenes to help you get to the finish line.  But our work doesn’t stop there.  We are proud to work in an industry that has so many positives associated with it; getting people fit and healthy, raising money for charity, supporting local communities through economic benefit and inclusion.  We are committed to support these benefits.

An additional layer to our commitment is around how to minimise our impact on the environment, whilst balancing this against vital runner welfare.  Encouraging people to run, walk, bike or swim as a mode of transport helps, but we are aware that the events need to improve in minimising our environmental impact too.

We have done a lot of work to remedy this already, we are continuing to try new methods, and it remains a work in progress.  Crucially, we won’t rest until we reduce our impact on the planet further.

Our simple vision over the coming years is:

  1. To remove the vast majority of single use plastics from the event in future years
  2. To eliminate, reuse, or recycle waste
  3. To work with partners to trial innovative ways to demonstrate best practice


The following are COMMITMENTS we are already MAKING to reduce our impact


  • Digital copies of the Participant Instructions and Event Programme documents are issued to runners rather than a hard copy.
  • No paper entry forms to enter the event – digital only.
  • Digital Event Guides to avoid unnecessary usage of paper.


  • Cleaning contractors are employed to ensure that as much waste is recycled from the event weekend as possible.
  • Many event items are re-used as much as possible each year, from the hundreds of volunteer bibs to signage and branding.
  • Corn starch cups are used by our isotonic drinks partner ERDINGER at the finish.
  • We are trialling using cups instead of plastic bottles at one of the water stations.


  • We have worked with the Councils and City to improve the Tram network to reduce the need for driving to the event.


  • The official merchandise t-shirt available for purchase is made out of recycled plastic bottles – have a feel (it’s amazing).


  • An advisory note was issued to all sponsors, partners, suppliers and contractors, which requests that no single use plastics be brought onto the event site.
  • All balloon arches were removed from the event site plans and inflatable bang sticks were banned.

It DOESN’T stop there…

  • The aim is to find the viable solution to remove the need for plastic water bottles being used at the event.
  • Continued work on recycling & sustainability projects, e.g. around plastic bags in bag drop, and branding.