How to Stick to your Training Plan

If you’re trying to find ways to stick to your training plan, chances are that you haven’t yet found it to be an integral part of your life yet.  Here are some simple tips to help you stay on track and achieve the dream that will see you across the finish line on event day.

Don’t rush it

If you expect to be able to run a half marathon when you’ve only just bought yourself some running shoes, you’re going to end up disappointed. If you push yourself too hard, too soon, you’ll just be sore and miserable, and not want to try again. So, don’t rush – start at a pace that pushes you just a little, and add intensity slowly.

Get competitive

A little healthy competition can do wonders for your motivation. There are plenty of apps on the market where you can log your progress and compare it to friends, or you could work out with a friend and help push each other. Of course, you can also compete against yourself – that’s an amazing way to see how much you’re progressing, which is a great motivator. Joining our Strava community is a great start


Set smart goals

Saying “I want to run” is a vague goal, and not one that you’ll be able to accurately track. But if you say “I want to run a 5k/10k/half marathon without walking”, you’ll have a much clearer target, and you’ll be able to see how your training is getting you towards that goal. Seeing a real, tangible outcome is a great way of keeping yourself motivated.

Variety is the spice of life -mix things up a little

You don’t eat the same thing for dinner every night, you’d get bored – the same goes for training. Not only that, you’ll see better results if you combine different types of exercise as they target different benefits. Try weight or strength training, or relax with yoga or Pilates and leisurely walks, or consider high intensity work. These are all great alternatives and really beneficial for running.  It’s not all about long runs!

Seek help

Join a running group or hire a trainer to help you.  You are 60% more likely to achieve your goal with the right support so a good option if you’re struggling to make time for training on your own.