MHM Expert Tips: Footwear and Clothing

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our top tips to help you in your journey to the finish line. Here are our expert tips for footwear and clothing:


footwear-clothing-articleIf you are unsure of the type of shoe to wear, get your gait checked and analysed and buy a recommended shoe suited to your footprint. This can help make your running much more comfortable, and it may also help to reduce injuries sustained by running for long distances in incorrectly fitted shoes. You can then forget about your feet and focus on the scenic view!


Equally important. To avoid nasty blisters invest in a pair of specialised seam free running socks, the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn.

What else to wear?

Ladies, sports bras are a must! Ensure they are a perfect fit, functional and designed just right for you. If you bounce, they shouldn’t!

As for your top and bottom, light, thin layers are best. Make sure they can be easily removed if/as you get warmer. Ensure they are designed to wick away sweat, and dry quickly, along with flat seams to prevent chaffing. Try a few on for comfort and of course style.

If it’s particularly cold (we are hoping not so much in mid-October, but this is the UK!), hats, gloves, wind and water proof jackets specifically designed for distance running in mind are the best to keep you light and protected from the elements. Try a few out on shorter distances to make sure you can manage your temperature. There’s nothing worse than venturing out on a long training run if all you can think about is your temperature. Eliminate this possibility and get the right gear for you!


When the sun makes an appearance use a suitable sun cream to protect you from those harmful UV rays – remember to apply to ALL exposed skin, including your ears.

Wear a cap for shade and protection for the eyes and face. If it’s really bright, specialist sunglasses are helpful, just be sure you can see everything when you run into shaded parts of your route.

On those all important training runs, be sure to wear at least one outer item (eg. top or jacket) which is high visibility. Even in summer months it is important that you can be seen clearly!