ERDINGER: The benefits of isotonic drinks

After an intensive sports session you can feel exhausted. You’ve smashed your workout, but now your carbohydrate stores are empty; your body may have already tapped into its reserves; and you’re likely to be dehydrated. It is in this immediate post-exercise time window that recovering and replenishing your body correctly is crucial, so that you can go all out again in the next session. So where do we start? We’ve all heard of isotonic drinks after exercise, but how do these work, and what is the difference between sports drinks and plain water?

Numerous studies show how a loss of water and electrolytes (e.g. sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc…) along with decreased glycogen levels in our liver and muscles and increased heat during physical activity could lead to dehydration, which itself could impact physical performance negatively. Drinking water with the aim of rehydrating could cause hyponatremia, fullness and urination and its nutrients are not sufficient to reenergise effectively the human body.

So, how can you regain good levels of hydration during or after a physical activity? This is where isotonic drinks come in. Researchers discovered that the most beneficial liquid to guarantee a rapid absorption of water and energy is a mixture of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes, which altogether make an isotonic drink. Isotonic means that two liquids have the same concentration of dissolved particles.

In our case this means that isotonic drinks have the same concentration of sugar and minerals as blood. Our body cells naturally strive for a balanced concentration. We call the exchange of fluids between cells osmosis. If the osmotic pressure is equal, as it is in isotonic solutions, the fluid exchange takes place more easily.

With this knowledge in mind, we’ve partnered with Isotonic Recovery Drink ERDINGER Alkoholfrei beer – the refreshing post-exercise beverage that will supply your body with what it needs while celebrating your wins in style. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei will be on hand after you cross the finish line at Manchester Half.

It is a natural, isotonic sports recovery drink that is low in calories and has a perfect balance of minerals and B-vitamins. It is also free from fat, cholesterol, chemicals and preservatives and low in sodium… a perfect natural isotonic recovery drink for everyday workout warriors and Olympic athletes alike. As if you needed a better reason to crack open a cold one!

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