An interview with the founder of ‘These Mums Do’

Today we’re talking to an amazing woman who is getting more mums active, the founder of the running group ‘These Mums Do’, Becca. 2023 marks the 6th year that Becca has trained up a band of determined women to take on the Manchester Half in October, and in turn, improve the mental and physical health of busy mothers.


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We were delighted to be able to speak with Becca about how she founded ‘These Mums Do’ in 2018 and the journey that she has been on since. Having been made redundant at the time, Becca is a shining example of someone carving out their own path in life, and also how women can be both strong businesswomen and compassionate mothers and individuals. Our conversation with Becca was inspiring and eye-opening – we hope that you enjoy it!


  1. Hi Becca – introduce yourself and tell us about how you founded ‘These Mums Do’

I started my business in 2018 after retraining on maternity leave with my 2nd child.  He was ju

st 9 months old when I started everything which looking back is a little insane! I had struggled after having my daughter and found an engaging exercise class which changed everything for me.  So I used the opportunity to start something new and do something that I love and am passionate about – this is where These Mums Do began.  My whole ethos is about inspiring women to get active; to give mums an outlet to do something entirely for themselves; to feel like them again.  My run club started with a group of 20 women going through Couch to 5k and it’s grown organically since then. We have had so many fun adventures over the last 7 years.

  1. How has ‘These Mums Do’ evolved over the years?

My run club started in 2016 with a group of 20 women taking on a Couch to 5k and it’s grown organically since then. I now have 4 run leaders and run 5 different sessions every week and am on my 28th group of beginners!  There are sessions for every level of runner and my main aim is to break down the barriers to exercise and make everyone believe anything is possible.  The main thing I’ve learnt since starting These Mum Do is that when women support women, incredible things happen.  Seeing the friendships grow and watching people do things they never dreamt possible is just everything.  I’ve got one of the best jobs ever.

  1. Why is exercise and fitness so important to mothers and what motivates you personally?

Exercise is so important for everyone, especially Mums.  To be able to carve out even half an hour in your busy schedule a couple of times a week to do something for yourself is vital.  It’s also extremely important for our kids to see us getting active – to make it the “norm”.  Kids follow by example and to show them how much fun you can have doing something active is a life lesson they will never unlearn.

My club is important too as it’s a safe space – no topic is off limits and that really helps.  Talking through motherhood struggles or hang-ups – be it behaviours, illness, nightmare bedtimes – with a supportive group is everything. Someone will offer a nugget of invaluable information which can really help.  Either that or just knowing that others are going through the same or have been there makes you feel normal and can hugely relieve some of those anxieties which are entwined in parenthood.

  1. What is your connection to the Manchester Half Marathon and how many members are taking part this year?

I only run one half marathon with the club each year, so naturally it has to be the Manchester Half! We all live in Trafford and the course runs through Sale where we train, so the support is absolutely incredible.  The first club run was back in 2018 so 2023 is the 6th year for us. I’m hoping to get over 50 runners over the finish line in October.

  1. Tell us a bit about the training you offer your group

Our training club runs for 12 weeks and I offer way more than just a few runs. The programme includes strength & conditioning sessions; guidance on fuelling/nutrition; and support and advice to help you to 13.1 miles. However, most importantly, it involves building up a group of women to believe in themselves, see them make friends along the way and have as much fun as we possibly can.

  1. What is your own running story? Have you always run, for example?

I’m not what you call a natural runner; it’s taken a long time for me to get to here but I absolutely love running.  I properly started running after my daughter Chloe was born about 10 years ago.  I’ve done the odd 10k pre kids but after having Chloe, I almost needed to run for my mental health.  There was something utterly uplifting about putting my trainers on and leaving the house – on my own!  I now run all the time and for so many reasons. I run to relax, to switch off, to process a crazy day but now more than ever I run to spend time with my friends.

  1. What are your goals for the future?

My personal target for the half is to get a time of 1.55 as that would be a PB for me. However, at the end of the day time is irrelevant as it’s all about embracing the unbelievable atmosphere and seeing so many people achieve their goal.

  1. As a resident of Sale, tell us why your community is amazing!

My community in Sale is incredible!  From the best run club in Manchester (yes, that’s mine!), through to the best supporters who line the streets to cheer us through all the way back to Chester Road, there is no better atmosphere to run through during a half marathon.

In terms of running, Sale has it all – trail runs down the river Mersey, beautiful runs down the Bridgewater Canal through to lovely urban runs on the streets.  The only thing it doesn’t have is hills – which in my mind, isn’t always a bad thing!

I’m actually an honorary Manc as I’m originally from down South in Surrey but I fell in love with this city when I moved up here in 2006. Now, I have lived here longer than anywhere so any run that runs through this incredible city, you’ll find me at the start line.

Thank you for talking with us Becca, and best of luck to you and the These Mums Do team!