Manchester Half Hero – Becca Broadbent

The first member of our Manchester Half hero team is Becca Broadbent from Sale. Becca has been a regular runner since 2015 and has been inspiring other women to take up running through her running club, that welcomes beginners with open arms.

I started my run club in October 2015 with a couch to 5k club – I’m now on my 23rd beginners group and from this, we have organically grown and I now have 4 different running groups at all differing levels and 2 run leaders.  The group of women who have signed up to my half marathon club are phenomenal – some are doing their first ever half and some are seasoned half marathon runners all signed up and doing it together as a team.  I have over 40 women signed up ready to get started on the 25th July – many of which started their journey with my at my Couch to 5k beginners group.”

“This is my 5th half marathon club and it’s my biggest one yet which is utterly amazing and together as a group we will see our way to the finish line.  Alongside the 11 week training programme I’ve developed, I’ve partnered with local businesses to offer Pilates sessions, a technique session and will be offering nutritional advice to help them fuel their way to 13.1”

What is your personal reason for you tackling the 13.1 mile challenge?

“I love inspiring women to do things they never dreamt possible and doing a half marathon for many of the group is totally out of their comfort zone and I can’t wait to see what they achieve together.”

“Running is my therapy.  For many years I ran to literally run away from everything and everyone and have some time on my own to process everything after a busy week or a tiring day with the kids.  Sometimes my runs are still this but now it’s more about time to switch off from everything and to spend time away from my phone.  Running your own business is full on so I use running as my downtime now or if I need to think a decision through.  I also love running with my buddies.  After building a run club with over 80+ members, it gets quite easy to find a buddy to run with – so an early morning jaunt down the canal with a friend putting the world to rights before dealing with getting the kids to school is a perfect start to the day.”

What does your training plan for the Manchester half-marathon look like?

“11 weeks of training – 3 runs a week plus a HIIT session or 2.  Loads of stretching and a weekly pilates session will hopefully help keep any injuries at bay.”

Who is your personal hero?

“Tough question… from a sporting perspective it’s any woman who has trailblazed their way into the spotlight – Serena Williams, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Alex Hartley, Paula Radcliffe, Katherine Switzer. I don’t have one hero who has inspired me more than others.  My parents are awesome humans who brought me up to believe I could do anything so that’s pretty heroic I suppose!”

What do your friends and family think of you doing this challenge? Have you got anyone coming down to support you on the day?

“They fully expect it now as it’s my 5th one.  They think I’m crazy doing all the running I do but support me.  The kids steal my medals and take them into school for show and tell!!  I will have so much support out there though as loads of my clients and all the run club not doing the run will be out there cheering us all on – we wear bright orange run tops so it’s really easy to spot us and the culture I’ve created is that you cheer on everyone in orange, even if you don’t know them!”

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

“The start and the end!!  The start as we all get together and travel in as a team which is brilliant and great to keep the nerves at bay.  Then the end as watching my club over the finish line is just epic – to see what they have achieved and be so proud of themselves is just perfect.  We also have a huge afterparty at a bar in Sale which has become a little legendary!! Its’ worth it for the prosecco!”