Maggie Richmond on ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF’ at the Manchester Half Marathon!

We’ve never seen Manchester Half participant Maggie Richmond’s CV, but if we did, we reckon ‘expressing myself’ should be one of her top skills! The mum of two positivity guru lives by the mantra ‘say YES to life!’.  On her Instagram account, @maggierunningwild, Maggie is known for throwing herself into adventures and opportunities – while cracking the corniest ‘mum jokes’ along the way!

 We spoke to Maggie about what ‘Express Yourself’ means to her, ahead of the Manchester Half 2023! Read on for inspiration, infectious positivity and cheesy, running-related jokes!

1. Introduce yourself and tell us some of the fabulous things that define you!

Hi there! My name is Maggie. I’m 39 years and I live in the Midlands with my family. I have two boys, three chickens, two rabbits – and a partridge in a pear tree! I am also a runner. Running is kind of my jam. I love all distances and forms of running from road, trail, fell – even the treadmill (yes, I am crazy!) I also have an Instagram account called @maggierunningwild, where I post my adventures and get up to all sorts of fun!

2. What do you think of the ‘Express Yourself’ edition at the Manchester Half this year?

I love the idea behind ‘Express Yourself’ at the Manchester Half marathon this year! For me, it means ‘DO YOU!’ and especially, do what makes you happy! Do whatever you feel comfortable doing! And remember, at the event this year, you’re not running anyone else’s race. You’re doing what YOU want to do, running how YOU want to run, at your pace, on your own terms.

3. ‘Express Yourself’ is also about telling your own story. Do you have a story to tell?

Yes, I do! My story is about becoming the adventurer that I identify as today, learning to live a little and saying ‘YES’ to life!

It hasn’t always been like this, though. As a child, I didn’t ‘do’ a lot or have many opportunities. As a young adult, I continued that mentality; I lacked drive or ‘get up and go’. I didn’t seek joy in life and I definitely didn’t do any exercise, which probably contributed to this.

That all changed for me when I had my first child, who is now eleven. When he was born, I decided that I wanted to ‘be’ joy for him in his world – I wanted to give back to the joy that he gave me! So, I started to get healthy, and that started with running. If this sounds all too simple, let me first say that it wasn’t easy at first. I couldn’t run a mile when I first started… But with some persistence and a positive attitude, I built up gradually, and now I enjoy running all sorts of distances, from half marathons to ultra marathons!

4. We love how to use humour to express yourself! Can you tell us a couple of jokes?

Yes, absolutely – I love a joke! Cheesy, silly jokes… puns, Christmas cracker jokes – they’re all a bit of me! Because life’s too short not to belly laugh, right?

One of my personal favourites at the momentis: ‘I have a fear of speedbumps… but I’m slowly getting over it’. That one goes out to all the ‘fun runners’ who will be taking their time to just enjoy the Manchester Half this weekend!

Another running related joke is ‘Where does the Helsinki marathon end? … The ‘Finnish’ line!’

You’re welcome guys!

5. You’re a mum of two boys. How does motherhood relate to your identity?

My boys are my world; they are the reason that I am the person I am today. While they inspire me to be the best version of myself, I hope I inspire them to seize opportunities in life and have fun. They are also

 my adventure buddies, and great little runners in the making!

It’s also important for me to be a role model for the younger generation, as I work with kids. Especially for young girls as well – life’s too short to watch by the side lines. We’ve got to keep up with the boys and show tha

t we’re strong and up for challenges in life!

6. Do you have a message for participants taking part in the Manchester Half this weekend?

 I’d say to participants, particularly those who may not feel like they are fully shining in life right now, that is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to completely be yourself. To run YOUR race and express your amazing self. I hope that you all feel the joy of participating in this great event in the wonderful city of Manchester, and good luck!

 I hope that you have the courage to be you and say YES to opportunities that come your way in life – because you never know where they might lead.

Thanks very much Maggie and best of luck at the event!