Manchester Half preview from 2019 winner, Lily Partridge!

Top UK marathon champion and PUMA athlete Lily Partridge took 1st place at the 2019 Manchester Half . We caught up with Lily ahead of the Manchester Half 2023 to find out about her Manchester Half experience. 

1. Hi Lily! Tell us about the last time you raced at the Manchester Half in 2019 – what was your experience like? 

I loved it! I had ran a 10k in Manchester before but never the half so to get the win was great!

2. How would you describe the atmosphere?

The atmosphere was brilliant! Having the elites mixing in with the rest of the field before and after the race was good fun as it’s not something you often get to do at races. 

3. Were you pleased with the time you ran and how did it feel to win the race?

It was great to get the win as I was coming off of a period of injury after the marathon in the spring. I was starting to prepare for another marathon, so time wasn’t really my focus but to have a good strong run in the middle of hard training was good!

4. Did you have a favourite aspect about the Manchester Half? 

For me it was just the general atmosphere. Everyone was so supportive and just there to run hard and have a good time in a brilliant city. 

5. What are your impressions of Manchester?

I love Manchester as a city and we recently celebrated there for my partner’s birthday (6 weeks early because of race and training plans!). It’s a city we love to spend time in with the culture and atmosphere. No matter the weather, there’s lots of great pubs, bars and restaurants to explore!

6. What is your favourite PUMA piece of kit for a half marathon and why?

I love the PUMA racing shoes at the moment! The Deviate Elite 2s are a great racing shoe, especially for 10ks and half marathons.

7. What does the next 12 months look like for you event-wise and what are your goals?

I have one more race before I go into a period of training ahead of my return to the marathon. I haven’t run a marathon in a few years so am enjoying exploring that training again and with the Paris Olympics next year it would be great to tick off that qualifying time.

8. Do you have a message for our participants this year – particularly those doing their first ever half with us?

Good luck! Enjoy it, break the race down into sections, be present and soak in the atmosphere! 


Thanks for your words Lily and we hope to see you back racing with us soon!