June COVID-19 Update

In the middle of May we promised you another update at about this time, so we wanted to give you the latest on the current situation with the Tommy’s Manchester Half Marathon.

At this stage we are having advanced conversations around all aspects of the event to see the best way forward given the likely restrictions that will be in place on Sunday 11th October. Our team are working with experts, and our peers across the industry, to identify the best way to ensure safety and social distancing. This extends not just to the run itself, but also the journey to and from the event.

We’d especially like to thank the thousands of you who completed the survey we included in our last email, as that has helped us identify the areas that are especially important to our runners, so we can focus on finding solutions as quickly as possible.

With a little over three months to go we know that a final decision will be required soon to prevent the prospect of superfluous long training runs and travel planning. Therefore we have put a deadline in place for Friday 17th July to make a final announcement on whether we should continue preparing for the event this year. We appreciate you may have questions at this time, but please look out for an email then.

We very much hope to see you in October. Nothing beats the thrill of an event day for us, but only if we can guarantee your comfort and enjoyment.

Thank you for your patience,

The Tommy’s Manchester Half Marathon Team