The Manchester Half is bringing back the popular ‘Express Yourself’ edition of the event for a second year, giving all those involved the chance to celebrate their individuality, passions and more.

Last year, one component of ‘Express Yourself’ was the option for participants to design their own bib – a task which thousands got stuck into with gusto.

Updates to the 2024 personalised bib design options include a ‘bee-moji’ and #MCRHALF persona stamp

The 2024 bibs

This year, the bib design option returns, with some exciting new additions. Alongside displaying their name and motivation for taking part, participants are invited to choose two colours for their bib background design. This is a chance to flaunt their favourite colours or even pay tribute to a favourite team or band.

In addition to this,  2024 participants can choose a ‘Persona Stamp’ to proudly declare their running ‘style’ – from ‘PB Chaser’ to ‘Social Strider’ to ‘Charity Champion’. What’s more, in a nod to Manchester’s emblem of the worker bee, participants can choose a ‘bee-moji’’ character to express themselves ahead of the epic 13.1 challenge.

Why personalise my bib?

So, why should you personalise your bib? Well, anyone who has ever had their name called out by supporters at an event knows how uplifting this moment is. Our hyper-personalisation of bibs allows you to truly be ‘seen’ at the event – as more than a number or just ‘one of the masses’. Maybe you’ll be cheered on by spectators who support the same charity as you – or who can appreciate your quirky style through your whacky bib design!

Most importantly however, the bibs allow you to EXPRESS YOURSELF: to make your own individual mark on the event; and to proudly celebrate what makes you you.

The 2023 event saw the first edition of ‘Express Yourself’

Who can personalise bibs?

If you entered the event before 10th April 2024, you have the automatic option to personalise your bib. Anyone after this date must check which entry type they selected. If you purchased the Full, Standard or ‘Basic + Finisher Tee’, bib personalisation is included.

If you purchased the basic entry, you do not currently have the option to personalise your bib. If you wish to amend this, please log in to your Active account and purchase a Finisher Tee; bib personalisation will be automatically included in this. 

When can I personalise my bib?

You can design your Manchester Half bib from Monday 17th June. Simply follow the link in your ‘personalise your bib’ email and supply your registration ID and email to get started. 

If you would like to personalise your bib you simply need to purchase the Finisher Tee and Personalised Bib combo through Active and fill out the form before the 19th August. 

 Step 1: Log into your Active account here

Step 2: Select the Merchandise button and select ‘Finisher Tee and Personalised bib’ item.

Step 4: Pay and use your registration ID on the personalise bib webpage.