7 things we loved about the 2018 Manchester Half

After a terrific event day we took some time out this week to reflect and compile our highlights. So here are 7 things we loved about the 2018 Manchester Half…

7 thingsRain stops… no-one!

To the thousands of spectators who descended on Old Trafford to support runners participating on Sunday, you made it a fantastic event and we cannot thank you enough! We were super impressed that the rain didn’t stop you and we want to give a massive shout out to all the supporters who lined the streets with umbrellas, hoodies and all manner of protective gear so you could be there to motivate and encourage the runners that took part. Whether it be sharing jelly babies, giving high fives, or calling out someone’s name to give them a boost, this makes all the difference to a runner, you may never know how much, but we know they are truly grateful that you are there. Thank you!

7 thingsStanding out on the course

When you think you’ve seen it all, think again. We’ve seen some outstanding costumes in the history of our event, and this year was no exception. You came out in number and got some well deserved attention. Not easy to run 13.1 miles dressed as Mr Bump or carrying a tyre! Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to stand out, and braved the rain, to raise vital funds and awareness for charity.

“Pain is temporary. Glory is forever”

Our Optimum Nutrition Pacers did a fantastic job motivating and supporting all those who were aiming for target finish times. Check out this video from Richard, our 1.55 pacer. We also want to wish Delroy a speedy recovery following his injury on the course. A huge well done to all those who smashed PBs, something you can come back and do again next year…


Our thanks also go to Shodigy for their Live music at The Brooklands Tap throughout the day, helping to put a spring in everyone’s steps. They recorded the whole thing on Facebook Live where you might even be able to spot yourself – check it out here.

7 thingsThe finish

The finish line is a great place to witness the awesome triumphs, the emotion of finishing a long run which is both physically and mentally challenging, such a joy to see the jubilant smiles from both runners, marshals and supporters. You can all be very proud, YOU DID IT!!

All the runners

The hard work in training has paid off. Kudos to you all for your amazing achievements on Sunday. Thank you for supporting the crowds too with smiles and waves, and the endless support for each other.
7 things

And finally…

Our event team, volunteers, event partners and charities, and everyone else who worked at the weekend to help make this event a success: THANK YOU! Not everything went to plan on the day but we can learn from this experience to make the Manchester Half 2019 even better.

And speaking of 2019, early entries are now available with the last of 2,019 places up for grabs. Make sure you secure your spot here and we’ll see you next year for another incredible event!