2023 Finisher Rewards


The Manchester Half Express Yourself finisher tee is here. A design that captures and celebrates the individual journey everyone is on. It’s a nod to embracing your quirks, owning your uniqueness, and doing things your way.

Think of it as wearing your own personal stamp of achievement, a reminder to keep embracing the awesome journey of being wonderfully, authentically you.


If you have yet to order yours, log into your participant dashboard here. Navigate to the merchandise section of the portal, select your size and fill in your payment details.

For the avoidance of doubt, these are not PUMA t-shirts, but are great quality, and will sport the Manchester Half logo (and the fact you have completed the 2023 event) as part of the design.


The anticipation has been building and we’re delighted to share that our 2023 finishers medal will continue the Express Yourself message. Just like every person isn’t identical, neither are our rewards. Each person crossing the line will be given a finisher medal design at random, which could be one of 36 different combinations.

Each medal showcases a quote, taken from 6 amazing people who have a legacy and history linked to our great city. Each medal is a reminder of the boundless potential that resides within every participant and a testament to the power of human determination. As you cross the finish line you will be handed one of these 36 medal combinations. To ensure there are no hold-ups or wastage you will have to take the medal given to you by the team. We can promise each is very special and deserves a good home.

Below you will find out about each Mancunian icon, their quote and why we choose to hero them.

Jeanette Winterson is a a captivating Manchester-born author who explores themes of love, identity, and sexuality in her writing. Her debut novel, “Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit,” shook the literary world with its semi-autobiographical story. Winterson continues to captivate readers, earning critical acclaim and a devoted following.

Known as “Mr. Manchester”, Tony Wilson was a major pop culture firing cannon. As co-founder of music label giant Factory Records, Wilson helped boost some of the city’s most successful bands, such as Joy Division and New Order, to musical stardom. The “bona fide genius” also had his time as a nightclub co-owner, which became the epicenter of the city’s rave scene. Legend!

Manchester-born Diane Modahl is a six times British champion middle distance runner. As a gold medal winner at the Commonwealth Games, Modahl knows the rewards that come from hard work and determination. Growing up in a deprived community also led Diane to establish the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation when she retired from running. The charity helps marginalised youth to develop their ambitions and potential in sports, education and employability.

Featuring a quote by Noel Gallagher who is widely considered to be one of the most influential songwriters in the history of British rock music. Alongside his brother Liam, the mastermind behind the iconic rock band Oasis unleashed a musical revolution in the 1990s, which all started in Manchester.

Inspired by Alan Turing’s unrivaled intellect and extraordinary accomplishments which have left an indelible mark on the world. By cracking the Nazi Enigma code in World War 2, Turing and his comrades turned the tide of the war, saving countless lives and changing history forever. The inspiring mathematician and LGBT icon also helped develop theoretical computer science at the University of Manchester. His memorial can be found in Sackville Park in the city.

Did you know that the suffragette movement began in Manchester in the UK? Its leader, Emmeline Pankhurst, dedicated her life to securing women’s right to vote, a cause that would shake the foundations of society and challenge deeply ingrained gender norms. Pankhurst was also a brilliant public speaker and we believe that the quote on this medal captures her indominable spirit. We hope it inspires and empowers everyone who receives it.


We have six core metal medal designs, each is a different colour and features an iconic quote. In addition, there are six versions of the medal ribbon in different design styles. The medals and ribbons could be in any combination, giving 36 possible versions to be handed to you as you complete your challenge.


Sorry, but to ensure there are no hold-ups or wastage you will have to take the medal given to you by the team. We can promise each is very special and deserves a good home.

Feel free to swap with other finishers in the village after though!