If you’re keen to achieve a certain target time for the Manchester Half, we’ll have a team of pacers on event day to help you reach your goal. They will be easy to identify with backpacks and flags showing their time and will be standing in the relevant start pen areas. Find out more about the pace times and pacers below.

1:30 – Paul Simons

I’m a 54 year old postie, and have been running since I was a 10 year old cub scout (my first evst ever race!).

I was born in London, ran for England, represented my county Middlesex, moved oop North and 15 years ago I held two Guinness World Records. I love pacing at events, helping people to achieve their goals and target times.


1:40 – Jason Rippingale

My name is Jason and I am the 1:40 Pacer! I’m a club runner & represent Blackburn Road Runners. I am a sub-3 hour marathoner, ultramarathoner and I am  collecting the Abbott Marathon Majors & have the Chicago & New York Marathons to run either side of the Manchester Half this autumn to make it 5 stars out of 6.

My favourite pastime is pacing & helping others achieve PB’s & times I once struggled to achieve.


1:45 – Danny O’Reilly

Hi, I’m Danny the 1:45 pacer at the Manchester Half. When I’m not running, I’m thinking about running! To date, I’ve paced 4 marathons and 5 halves and can’t wait to pace again on Manchester’s flat course and enjoy the terrific support.

I pace because I love helping people get across the line, achieve PBs they didn’t think were possible, that they just needed that extra little nudge to achieve. See you all on the start line. You’ve got this!


1:50 – Marie-Angelique Bueler

I’ve run countless races, enjoyed endless mud at cross-country events and never shut up about running. My main focus has been marathons. I’m on 11 marathons with a further 4 in the pipeline (one of which will be conducted on skates). Sometimes I get running prizes, often I’ll grab a parkrun (especially when I feel I should pick up the pace) and frequently I brag about having met Mo Farah. I’ve done years of official event pacing & I’ve loved pacing at Manchester Half ever since its inaugural event! In fact, I mainly pace-run these days as it presents a thrilling opportunity to bring on lots of people’s running. My proudest moment in running was to receive my Chorlton Runners Club Wings.


1:55 – Richard Bazeley

I’ve been running for 10 years and know the half marathon race well. With a PB time of 01:20:51 and a track record at various events of pacing times from 01:30 – 2:15, runners will be in safe hands. Not only will I set the pace for you but I’ll be a mobile cheerleader motivating you all the way round. I look forward to running with the 1:55 crew in Manchester!


2:00 – Gary Dixon

Veteran of over 150 marathons (40 plus as an official pacer). Regular pacer at the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon as well as London, Berlin & NYC. Expensive hobby – but I love being involved in running events and helping runners achieve their goals.

I will be pacing the sub 2:00 group.

When pacing I try to make it relaxing and fun by using a Bluetooth speaker to blast out 60s, 70s & 80s tunes all the way round. So if you like a sing song on a Sunday morning and fancy picking up a nice t-shirt and great medal, get on the sub 2:00 bus.


2:00 – Phil Jefferies

I’m 53 years old and have been seriously running again for the past 5 years after giving up in the early 1990s. I’m now a regular pacer at events at various distances in the UK and overseas.

I always try to ensure that any pace groups I am leading are encouraged and supported with a smile and a laugh, and looking forward to leading the 2hr fun bus in the Manchester Half.


2:00 – Delroy Taylor

Hi I’m Del! I’ve been running for a few years and I enjoy road and trail running, marathons and ultra running. Since running I haven’t looked back. I’m always up for a challenge and a lot of fun. Pacing or racing, I always aim to #finishwithasmile.

I will be pacing the 2 hour group and aim to get everyone round in their wanted time, with some fun and smiles along the way.


2:00 – Alison Duckworth

I’m Alison, your 2 hour Pacer! I’m a Mum of three sporty boys.

We all love running, I’ve done twelve marathons and numerous half marathons.

I’m running the Snowdon Marathon for the third time two weeks after running in Manchester.


2:15 – Rachel Beddows

I started running in 2012 and have since completed 25 marathons including 3 at Manchester, which is such a great course to run, it’s flat and has the best support on route that I’ve ever experienced. I have had the opportunity to pace several marathons and half marathons where I really enjoy meeting people, hearing their running stories and helping them achieve their goals.

With a steady pace, breaks at aid stations, plenty of encouragement, music and chat I aim to make the miles fly by!