Summer is here and beckoning you to crush your training goals under blue skies and sunshine. But wait, while it’s important to stay on top of your hydration and nutritional needs all year round, it is especially crucial whilst training during the warmer months.

That’s why experts in hydration ERDINGER Alkoholfrei are here to explain the importance of keeping your fluid levels topped during training, as well as the role of isotonic drinks in aiding performance and recovery. Read more below!

“It sounds logical but athletes who sweat a lot need to compensate for the loss of water in the body. Even though we should aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day, studies show that the majority of people, athlete or not, don’t drink enough.”

What is the result of dehydration?

A lack of concentration, fatigue, and headaches are just some of the symptoms. What’s more, people often consume a large proportion of fizzy, sugary drinks and coffee and while caffeine is dehydrating, large amounts of sugar in drinks can lead to energy crashes and overall poor health.

So, what are our best options for hydrating?

A drink should refresh us, wake us up, activate the brain and of course taste good. In the very best case, drinking not only quenches your thirst, but also provides you with energy and valuable minerals. This is exactly what our isotonic drinks do.

What does Isotonic mean?

Isotonic means that two liquids have the same concentration of dissolved particles. Our body naturally strives for a balanced concentration of sugar and minerals, and our cells exchange fluids in order to achieve this. When the pressure between these fluids is equal, as it is in isotonic solutions, the exchange takes place more easily. Isotonic drinks are therefore the fastest way to compensate for fluid and mineral loss.

Apart from how refreshing ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is, it efficiently supplies your body with the minerals and fluids it needs. Its valuable ingredients flow directly into your cells and don’t stress the body unnecessarily like other, very sugary, fizzy drinks. It is also natural and less sweet because it contains no added sugar.


Nutritional values per 100 ml ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Common isotonic sports drinks Common fizzy drinks
Calorific value 25 kcal 25 kcal 39 kcal
thereof sugar
5,3 g
3,6 g
6 g
6 g
9,6 g
9,6 g
Protein 0,4 g 0 g 0 g
Salt < 0,01 g 0,13 g 0,02 g


So, whether you are training for an event or just going about your daily life, you feel better when you drink before you get thirsty! During training, the main aim is to replenish the fluids lost through sweating. It’s best to drink some still mineral water directly before training so that you don’t slide into a “fluid deficiency” at the first drop of sweat. Whether or not you should drink during exercise depends on how much you sweat: try drinking about 200 ml of still water every 20 minutes for one hour of sport.

So, what about recovering after those intensive training sessions or events like a half marathon? After efforts like these, your body naturally feels exhausted because it has tapped deep into its reserves.  ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is the perfect way to recover and refuel so that you can go all out again next time, as its isotonic components supply your cells with minerals and water, to re-energise your muscles and actively support your recovery process. A refreshing glass will normalises inflammation levels in the body, which shoot up during physical exertion, and supports the immune system.

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is a delicious refreshment without a guilty conscience. It’s isotonic, low in calories, natural and pure – perfect for everyday hydration and for sports.

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Disclaimer: individual needs may vary and isotonic drinks should not replace water intake.