Tommy’s Manchester Rainbow Clinic

Becoming pregnant after a stillbirth is an incredibly daunting prospect. Around half of all stillbirths are unexplained, leaving parents feeling powerless in a following pregnancy to stop it happening again.

The standard of care given to women who have suffered a stillbirth varies across the country, often with no continuity of care. Women are often left having to explain the worst day of their lives over and over again in antenatal clinics where they feel alien surrounded by happy expectant parents.

That’s why, in 2013, the Rainbow Clinic was opened at St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester. Here, women who have had stillbirths are given the best possible care, to help and support them through their following pregnancies.

“I couldn’t have got through my pregnancy without the Rainbow Clinic” Anne and Eddie had 3 losses, including one late term termination for medical reasons, before they were referred to the Rainbow Clinic at St Mary’s in Manchester. Their son, Albert, is now 8 months old. This is their story and Eddie’s #ReasonforRunning.”

The Rainbow Clinic has now seen over 500 families, and cares for 150 women every year. A recent report has shown that for every £1 invested in the Rainbow Clinic, the clinic creates £6.10 worth of value, particularly improving the psychological wellbeing of women and their families, according to an independent evaluation carried out by the New Economics Foundation.

A ‘rainbow baby’ is a baby born after a previous loss. They are so called because they represent hope after a storm. Rainbows are at the heart of Tommy’s work. They symbolise hope that we will one day find all the answers and stop people going through the devastation of baby loss.

To mark this, we will be taking the Rainbow theme into the Manchester Half Marathon. One of our four massive cheer points will be Rainbow themed to highlight the success of our Rainbow Clinic. From a rainbow pom pom, to rainbow balloon arches to rainbow road, this cheer station will be one to look out for!

For more information about the Rainbow Clinic please visit the website here.

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