Meet Sarah, your 02:15 pacer

Sarah Brown

Age:  52

Number of half marathons completed: 4

Number of half marathons paced: 0 – this is my first!

When did you decide to become a pacer and what prompted you to take on this important role?

The reason I am becoming a pacer is because I want others to have the wonderful experience of the running community. Not only has running improved my quality of life, but it has also given me experiences that I will never forget. My advice is always no one ever regrets going for that run – just run and find yourself.

How do you prepare for marathon pacing? For example, do you have to train as the other participants do?

I will run the Berlin marathon at the end of September, just before my pacing duty in October at the Manchester Half. So, the half marathon will be on the back of my training of the Berlin marathon and I will have the fitness from my training for that event.

Do you feel any pressure being a pacer? If so, how will you manage that?

As it is my first time pacing at an event, I will just want to be able to do the pacing role perfectly and get the runners round in the target time of 02:15. If I do feel pressure I will channel it into helping the runners and not show it.

How do you take care of your body, so that you are fit to run so many marathons/half marathons?

I run frequently but know when to take it easy and for more gentle recovery runs. Also, when I have a target race I follow a training block, so I have time off between these to rest and recover my body. In terms of diet, I do eat very healthily always eat protein within 20 mins of finishing a session.

What is your advice for someone who’s marathon target time is the one you are pacing at the Manchester Half?

Have fun; prepare well before; stay hydrated; relax. And most importantly – believe in yourself!

When the hard work is over, what’s the best way to celebrate after an event in Manchester?

For me, it’s getting myself home and into a warm bath with salts in to relax my body. I normally take a cup of sweet tea in with me too. Bliss!