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Details for the 2022 event will follow in due course, the below information will be updated.

Enter the Turing Trophy at the Manchester Half where you can put together a team of runners and compete against other teams! Here’s how it works:

A team prize will be awarded to the top 3 male and female teams made up of the top 3 runners’ cumulative times from a UKA affiliated club. The top 3 runners of each gender in your club will be automatically entered into the competition – you don’t need to do anything! Although, runners must have stated their club affiliation on the entry form before the race (retrospective nominations will not be accepted) and the runners’ membership status will be checked with the club secretary before prizes are sent out.

Prizes will be awarded as follows for both male and female teams:

1st team – £300 per team

2nd team – £200 per team

3rd team – £100 per team

Additionally, the winning club will receive 10 entries into either the 2022 Manchester Marathon or Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 10k.

These free entries can be utilised at the club’s discretion.

We also have some top notch age prizes!

Age group prizes will be awarded as follows and posted out after the race. Please note: only 1 prize is available per person and these prizes will not be awarded if a runner has finished in top 10 overall:

Male                    Female

Senior                Senior

Vet 35                  Vet 35

Vet 40                  Vet 40

Vet 45                  Vet 45

Vet 50                  Vet 50

Vet 55                  Vet 55

Vet 60                  Vet 60

Vet 65                  Vet 65

Vet 70                  Vet 70

How did the Turing Trophy come to be?

This year the Manchester Half is honouring Alan Turing for the running club award, the Turing Trophy.

Alan Turing was an English computer scientist, mathematician and all round genius. He was highly influential in the development of artificial intelligence, and most widely recognised as the brains who broke the Enigma code during the Second World War. After the war, Turing joined the Computing Machine Laboratory at the Victoria University of Manchester.

Alan was prosecuted for homosexual acts, under the then Labouchere Amendment. He later died in 1954 aged 41. Turing was given a royal pardon in 2009 for the treatment he endured as a result of his sexuality, and is regarded as a national hero within the modern-day LGBT community. Importantly, Alan Turing was also a runner. A very good one. His marathon personal best of 2hrs 46 mins was only 11 minutes outside the winning time at the 1948 Olympics.

The Manchester Half would like to honour Alan’s efforts, not only in the world of technological development, but for his contribution to LGBT history. Manchester is recognised as an inclusive city and this year the Manchester Half is championing this positive outlook with pride, by awarding the winning running club the Turing Trophy on Sunday the 13th October.