Road Closure Information

On the 15th October 2017, the Manchester Half Marathon in Trafford will see about 12,000 runners run through the streets of Greater Manchester. This is a significant new event not just for Manchester, but in the running calendar of the country. We do not hide the fact, that In order to facilitate an event course and to make it safe for spectators to view the race.
In some cases the road closures for the Half Marathon will be similar to those for the Marathon. Full details of the road closures and times, and the actual traffic order can be downloaded via the links below. 

Click here to download the Road Diversion leaflet for more information 

Places to avoid unless you are a spectator

Experience tells us that some locations are spectator hotspots and you should use the tram service to get to these locations and not attempt to get to them by car.

• A56 Chester Road /Talbot Road (approach to finish)
• Brooklands Road / Marsland Road / Hope Road
• Broad Road
• Dane Road


The A56 southbound will be closed:

• 05:00 – 11:00 Bridgewater Way to White City Way
• 05:00 - 11:00 White City Way to Thomas Street
• 05:30 - 14:00 Thomas Street to Edge Lane
• 07:00 - 13:30 Edge Lane to Barton Road
• 08.30 - 11.00 Barton Road to Dane Road
• 08.30 - 12.00 Dane Road to Eastway

The A56 Northbound will be closed:

• 05:30 - 11:00 Edge Lane to White City Way

Best Advice

If you need to use the A56 Southbound, use the outer diversion route, A5103 Princess Road to avoid major disruption to your journey.

If you need to access the City during the northbound closure, A5181 Barton Road and then B5211 Barton Dock Road to the A57 and then follow signs for the City
M60 Junction 7 07.00 – 13.30

Access on and off the M60 at junction 7 will be restricted but will not affect your journey.

Traffic wishing to travel south east will be directed north on the M60 to junction 8 where it can then use the slip roads to rejoin the M60 to travel south.

Traffic wishing to leave the M60 which is travelling north west on the M60 will be directed north on the M60 to junction 8 where it can then use the slip roads to rejoin the M60 to travel south to leave at junction 7. Traffic will be directed North on leaving the motorway and will either be diverted to travel south or will be able to use Barton Road gyratory to return South on the A56
Main residential areas and closure times are shown below
Area 1

A56 Bridgewater Way (Southbound), A5104 Chester Road

05:00 - 11:00

See Notes regarding the A56 closure times.

Talbot Road will be closed all day from White City Way to its junction with the A56. There will be no access south on the A56 beyond Thomas Street.

Best Advice: Use the main diversion route, the A5103 Princess Road to access the motorway network and all other areas.
Access is available to Tesco on the A56 south is available from 11:00.

Area 1

East Union Street, Henrietta Street, St Johns Road, Kings Road and Seymour Grove.

07:00 - 11:00

Chester Road closes at 06:00 and Seymour Grove at 07:00. All other roads close at 08:00 to allow any residents to move vehicles out of the area via Seymour Grove Southwards or Chester Road towards the City

Area 2

Gorse Hill - Talbot Road

05:00 - 16:00

The only way off of the estate is via the temporary access on the day onto Great Stone Road and then towards Kings Road. Entry and exit onto Great Stone Road will be supervised by event staff. NB: There is no exit onto Talbot Road or the A56

Area 3

Gorse Hill Estate. Milton Road and Canute Road

05:00 - 11:00 and 05:00 - 16:00

As on previous events, up until 11:00 the only access and exit from the estate is via a temporary two way diversion between Thomas Street and Davyhulme Road East. From 11:00 access will be available on the A56 northbound, but not southbound.
Residents on Canute Road and Milton Road should park vehicles on the opposite side of the A56 if they wish to use them during the event

Area 4

A56 southbound side, Talbot Road - Dane Road

07:00 - 13:30

Edge Lane remains open to provide access and exit to Kingsway until 08:30. Side roads fronting the A56 are closed from 07:00 to allow traffic management for the event to be put in place.
Best Advice: Residents wishing to use their vehicles are advised to park on the opposite side of the A56 from where they can access the road network (Area 4a)

Area 4a

A56 northbound side, Talbot Road - Dane Road

07:00 - 11:00

The A56 northbound remains open as far as Edge Lane throughout the day. Diversions are available to northbound traffic until the A56 opens in full at 11:00

Area 5

A56 southbound side Dane Road - Marsland Road. Marsland Road

08:30 - 12:00 and 18:00 - 13:00

The A56 southbound will be closed to all traffic from 08:30. If you live on one of the adjacent side roads and intend to use your vehicle during the event then you should park on the opposite side of the A56 (Area 5a) from where you will be able to access the road network. Marsland Road between A56 and Brooklands is closed from 08:00 to allow for barriers to be erected

Area 5a

A56 northbound side, Dane Road - Marsland Road

07:00 - 11:00

The A56 northbound remains open as far as Edge Lane throughout the day. Diversions are available to northbound traffic until the A56 opens in full at 11:00

Area 6

Eastway and Walton Road
08.00 - 12:15

This area is affected by the Half Marathon in that the A56 southbound is not accessible. During the Half Marathon there can be no movement of vehicles on these roads. Up until 09.15 we are able to allow vehicles to exit from Eastway and Walton Road, South in the direction of Walton Road towards Crossway Road, Manley Road and Langdale road to access the A56. If you are going to need to use your vehicle before the road re opens then you are advised to park on the west side of the A56

Area 7

Hope Road
08.00 - 13:00
There is no access to Hope Road leading unto and during the Half Marathon. Through route side roads have access onto Wardle Road. If you live on Northwood Grove, Holmefield, Era Street or Thorn Grove then the Best Advice is that if you need to use your car during the time of the closures you should park your car on an alternative road from which you can gain access

Area 8

Northenden Road and Broad Road. Dane Road
08:30 - 12:45 and 08:30 - 13:15

Northenden Road will be closed both ways between Wardle Road and Broad Road. Access to all areas needs to be via Marsland Road and Brooklands Road, or Old Hall Road. Whilst Broad Road and Dane Road will be closed, vehicles will be allowed to leave both and adjacent side roads in the direction of Old Hall Road up until around 09.30.
If you intend to use your vehicle during the event and are blocked by Broad Road and Dane Road closures, please park on the south side of Broad Road from where you will be able to access the road network

Sale Leisure Centre remains open and the car park can be accessed via Woodlands Road off of Northenden Road between 08.30 and 12.45
Parking Restrictions

We would ask you not to park on the race route and there are parking restrictions in place between 18.00 on Saturday 14th October through to 18.00 on Sunday 15th October on the following roads.

East Union Street, Stretford
Henrietta Street, Stretford
St Johns Road, Stretford
Eastway, Sale
Walton Road, Sale
Hope Road, Sale
Broad Road, Sale
Leith Road, Sale
Dane Road, Sale

Manchester Marathon Half Marathon would like to thank you in advance for taking note of the information available and planning your journey to cause you as little inconvenience as possible.