Official Pacers Manchester Half Marathon

With the Manchester Half Marathon being one of the biggest running events in the UK, we thought it would be a good idea to meet some of the pacers that will be running alongside you in this innaugural event. Take some time and get to know them prior to the start of the race.

You can join any of the pacers we have on race day. They will be easy to identify will back packs and flags showing their time and will be standing in the relevant start pen areas. The times are: 1h30m, 1h35m, 1h40m, 1h45m, 1h50m, 1h55m, 2h00m and 2h15m. There will be multiple pacers at 1h30m, 1h45m, 2h00m and 2h15m so don’t panic if you’re not near the first pacer of this time.



My name is Neil and I live in Chester. I love running and have been running regularly for the last 15 years. I've ran over 30 marathons with a PB of 3:12 and many more half marathons with a PB of 1:26. I started pace running about 4 years ago and have paced several half and full marathons. It's great fun to see people's reactions when breaking that magical 2 hour time! Hopefully I will be seeing more reactions like this after the Manchester half marathon! Good luck to everyone! 


I'm Ali, I enjoy helping people to achieve their goal and completing a half or full marathon. It's fantastic to share the pride, elation and of course the relief that they have done something amazing. 


Angelique Bueler (Chorlton Runners) has run countless races and has also enjoyed partaking in a lot of cross-country events. Her main focus has been the marathon distance. So far during 2016 she has run two spring marathons (Manchester and London) and in the autumn she will run two more marathons, Snowdonia and New York. She has won a number of running prizes. She is a huge fan of parkrun and has done lots of parkrun pacing. She has also been an official event pacer at large races for example at Leeds half marathon. She finds pacing exciting as it presents a wonderful opportunity to bring on other people's running. Much of her running takes place on the Fallowfield Loop, one of Manchester's running treasures. Her proudest moment in running was receiving her Chorlton Runners Club Wings.